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...The Most Powerful 

Golf Swing On Earth!
Recognized worldwide as the #1 power producing golf swing...74 fully illustrated pages showing you exactly what to do... just follow the step-by-step instructions.

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"Lower Your Scores Without Touching A Club"

Use our subliminal series to train your mind!
(Subliminal Performance Messaging)


...Accelerated Learning

The exciting news is that Master Golf Productions™ has produced 5 incredibly powerful subliminal music tracks to accompany the fully illustrated power-packed workbook. Use them together and you now have the opportunity to learn The Most Powerful Golf Swing On Earth!™ a matter of hours not years!

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...Golf In The Zone

Another unique and powerful series of subliminal tracks on cd or mp3. The "Zone" being a state of mind where total relaxation and harmony exist. The golfer feels totally relaxed, with the golf swing feeling to be on automatic pilot. This
is a highly desirable state of mind, especially under the pressures of tournament play.


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...Winning Golf

These tracks are designed to plant subconscious mental images that depict the behavioural and enhanced abilities of a winner. A "must" state of mind for the competitive golfer. (Positive mental reprogramming is evident in the manner in which the top tournament professionals prepare for major tournaments)


*Mp3 download: Only £9.95    Order page


*Bundle package:
Buy all 3 CD's for £99...and get the printed book for FREE...that's a HUGE saving of £95...and get FREE delivery! 
*This offer is for a limited time.

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